Website Design

Web Design, Ahmedabad

WWW. Is the most common three-letter word a child learns today! Believe it or not, the fact of the matter is, that the web is the largest network of communication and advertisements. Information from around the world are only a click away. This has created new opportunities for businesses all across the globe. It has in this day and age become imperative to establish a web presence irrespective of the size of your business or company. Raytrace has the potential to create websites that are symbolic of your work, services and standing. We understand that website designing go beyond flamboyant, brightly colored animations and stock photos. We design professional websites that are based on high design principles, usability studies and new web development technology that help you deliver your message to new as well as potential customers!
Important Aspects of Website Design we keep in mind

There are few basic elements to web design that any website design firm should take care of before starting any project. These elements will draw customers, keep them on your website and bring them back for more.

  • Your Websites Content - This is the information on the site, whether it is graphics or your service or information you have to offer. This should always be relevant to your website’s main goal and purpose, and target your main demographic.
  • Web Usability / Accessiblity - This element though not given its due importance is the reason why a customer may get frustrated and leave your website. He may not be able to understand where he is on your site or is not able to locate your services. Usability basically means just how easy it is to use and access information on your web site. A site has to accessible and usable (easy to navigate). A Difficult navigation, no matter how attractive it looks, will drive away traffic.
  • Appearance / Design - The design for your website is something we pay attention too at Raytrace Creations. How your website is going to look is how our portfolio is going to look. No website design project is small for us and we give equal importance to all big and small websites. All content and graphics should be uniform, aesthetically designed in terms of color, size, style and readability.


We at Raytrace Creations specialise in Website Design and WebsiteDevelopment and understand these basic elements of web design, and utilise them so that we can create the best website for your company to make your business proper.

Flash Website Design

If you would like to stand out and want your customers to take notice Flash Websites is the thing for you. Different from the traditional HTML and CSS based websites, a flash website adds life to your web presence. A flash website is sometimes slightly more expensive then a traditional website but is worth every penny you spend and are affordable if belive in class. The transitions and animations incorporated in a flash based website will make your companies website come alive.

Advantages of having a Website :

  • Websites create web presence of your firm or your services
  • A website can easily be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Is an online catalogue of your products and services.
  • Lets prospective buyers learn in detail about your company and your services.