Shobit Panth

Creativity is a state of mind. Ironically anything that’s creative needs simplicity and simplicity isn’t an easy process.
Raytrace creations , and their team have not only built my website, but have given me, a gratification of the highest kind. Its not funny to work for a project that belongs to someone reffered as a ‘ maverick ‘ in the advertising field. Brainz Unlimited was very demanding when RayTrace team was working for their website. My afinity to their creatives can best be understood from the fact that I havn’t really updated my website since three years ever since they have uplodaed the stuff !

When imagination is blended with transparncy , what you get is something thats extraordinary. And extraordinary Team RayTrace is !

Brainz Unlimited

  G M Batra

We really had an excellent service from you and the product designed by you for our company New India Assurance has been more than what we had expected. The Screen Saver developed by you for our office became a corporate screen saver.

You did an excellent Job….. Do keep up with all the good work…

New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

  Ramesh Babu Mylapilli.

The creative team at Raytrace Creations helped us deliver outstanding services to our clients. We were very impressed with the professionalism, dedication and speed with which the “Raytrace Team” were able to deliver their assigned tasks contributing to the overall value addition to our projects…… they understood our needs…. they to the overall value addition to our projects…… they understood our

needs…. they understood our business…. they understood our way of working….. they helped us with the strategic growth in our targeted markets…. helped us formulate creative designs. They were young and energetic and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them for any creative project needs.

If I was asked to tell the unique qualities that were in the Raytrace team that separates them from their competition, I would say it is their dedication to deliver the project on time and the creative designs.

MBA. Account Manager. Foot prints

(A fastest growing pharmaceutical communications company in India)