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Today in the ever increasing competetive world of business and marketing, it is difficult to retain customers and your firms presence in the market. Having a website is an medium of keeping your customers uptodated of your services and products. The worst thing that could happen to your website is it getting lost in the lakhs of other websites launched every day on the web and millions already present.

Web Design firms today don’t pay attention search enigne optimization popularly know as ‘SEO‘ . Search Engine Optimization has to be done on and off the customers website which most web design firms are not even aware of, and due to their negligence your business website suffers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your site, product, services to be visible to your perspective customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to attain high ranking in the search engines like google, yahoo and MSN which drives 90% to 95% of web traffic and delivers content to your perspective buyer.

Understanding Competition and limitations for SEO

There are many aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which we at Raytrace Creations, Ahmedabad, India keep in mind while desiging and optimising your website for maximum return on investment of money and time. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are affordable and target oriented. We try to achieve and maintain high ranking in major search engines for your company’s website. We also understand that each website faces different level of competition, so each website needs a custom Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plan for Search engine ranking services. For example a site that is targeting sales for Ahmedabad region will face far less competition compared to a website that wishes to capture the whole of Ahmedabad or India. Competition is not only restricted to geographical location, a website which is targeting a theme like exports will face huge competition compared to a site targeting sales of custom designed hydraulic cylinders.
Search Engine Submission

There are two basic reasons to submit a website or web page to a search engine. The first reason would be to add an entirely new website because the website owners would rather not wait for a search engine to discover them which may take days or even months. The second reason is to have a web page or website updated in the respective search engine and remove the old cached version. We also generate yous .xml sitemap for submission to Google.

Organic search engine optimization using Link exchange

Reciprocal link exchange

A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two websites to ensure mutual traffic. Example: A and B have websites. If B’s website links to A’s website (b > a), and a > b, the websites are reciprocally linked. Website owners often submit their sites to reciprocal link exchange directories, in order to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Reciprocal linking between websites is an important part of the search engine optimization process because Google uses link popularity algorithms (defined as the number of links that led to a particular page and the anchor text of the link) to rank websites for relevancy.